return / Refund Policy

Network Outages:

XOnline is committed to delivering high quality service to our customers every day. However, circumstances beyond our control may result in occasional disruptions in service. XOnline will not issue refunds or credit for any disruption in service.

Service Plans:

Only New Activation Service plans are eligible for a full refund if returned within thirty (30) days of your activation date and only through the XOnline Customer Service Center by dialing 416 948 3572. Service plans returned after 30 days are not eligible for any refund.


All devices and accessories are eligible for return or exchange within thirty (30) days of your activation date. Eligible returns must be accompanied by a Return Authorization (RA) Number from XOnline and require a device that fully powers on and includes all original equipment such as cable, charger and original packaging. Promotional items must be included when returning a device in order to receive full credit.

Equipment Condition

Once the product(s) are received at our distribution center they will be inspected to ensure that they meet our return requirements. All refunds will be credited back to the card on file used for your original payment.
To ensure that you receive a full refund credit, merchandise must be returned:

  • Within thirty (30) days from your activation date
  • In original, new condition including all of the components within the original box (i.e.: device, battery, charger, inserts, device box etc.)
At our discretion, your return may be declined due to cosmetic or internal damage to the device(s). Additionally missing or damaged parts, manufacturer packaging/literature, etc., may result in a $10 missing/damaged item fee per item if applicable, as agreed upon within the Terms & Conditions at the point of purchase.

Device Return Criteria (not exhaustive):
Original New Condition:
Undamaged packaging and all parts intact
100% refund credit
Damaged Packaging / Missing Items:
Damaged packaging or missing items (i.e.: wall charger, battery etc.)
$10 damaged / missing fee per item
Damaged Product:
Product is damaged
No refund credit
Defective Item:
Product is deemed defective
New item will be shipped at no cost

Lost or Stolen Device:

If your XOnline device is lost or stolen, you must notify the XOnline Customer Service Center at 416 948 3572 immediately. XOnline is not responsible for any lost airtime or web purchases made on a lost or stolen device.

Return Disclaimer:

In the event a XOnline device is returned to XOnline for replacement or repair under warranty or returned for any other reason, XOnline is not liable nor responsible for any unauthorized use and/or loss of voice mail, personal information, passwords, contacts, music, ringtones, pictures, videos, applications or other content on the XOnline device. You are solely responsible for removing any and all content, including, but not limited to: pictures, phone numbers, emails, text messages, and or other information contained on your device prior to returning it to XOnline. XOnline and or its affiliates, licensors, directors, officers, employees and assigns shall not be responsible for any content left on any devices when returned to XOnline.

Disputed Charges:

If you believe there has been an error in a charge to your account, you must promptly notify us of the disputed amount. All disputed billing amounts should be directed to XOnline’s Customer Service Center at 416 948 3572 or by dialing 123 on your XOnline device. Failure to promptly notify us of any disputed amount shall result in a waiver of your rights to dispute the charge(s) including a waiver of your ability to dispute the charge(s) in any arbitration of court proceeding. If we determine that the charge(s) are incorrect and that you raised your dispute in a timely manner, we will credit, refund, or otherwise compensate you. If we credit, refund, or otherwise compensate you, you agree that the dispute is fully and finally settled and not subject to any further proceeding or compensation and to sign any and all documentation requested in connection thereto.

As of May 01, 2012